We have been working for many years and as a result the image of women has been changing from various angles in different phases. There was a time when women were oppressed and considered a lesser creation compared to men but with the passage of time the image of woman has also developed as well as the air of understanding between opposite genders. Men trust the female members of their families in a positive manner and do allow women to come forward and help them in possible ways.

With the help of some generous friends we have helped many women to learn trades and help their families. By equipping skills the women find value in their families and society as well, down are mentioned some of our students who had been with us and now they are actively helping their families by using the trade we have entrusted them. We wish to help many others with your generous support!!!

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She is 20 years old. She did her 5th grade and left the school. She was staying at home. She started learning straw basket making from her Aunty. When she learned that the same work is going in the village by NLM she joined the group and started doing production work now she is earning 9,000/- rupees from the work. They are 6 brothers and sisters. Her parents and 1 brother works now that she is also earning the family is very happy with her. She has gained confidence and now can face the society very well.


She is earning 10,000/- rupees from hand embroidery. She has become independent. She is working at home as well. She was a very nervous personality. She is making use of her professional skills. Now she can do a much better job. She is supporting her family in a very effective manner.


She is a very hard working girl from straw basket making course. At the end of the course she is earning 5000/- rupees. She has gained a lot of confidence. Before joining the course she was staying at home and was not helping her family financially. Her family is now very happy with her.


She knew pot and glass painting but was not trying it because she did not know where she could go and sell them she was doing it only for house use she was working in the house of a small land lord as a maid. When she learnt of the production going on she joined the group and now she is earning 8,000/- rupees from her work.


She is earning 7000/- rupees from hand embroidery. She is married now and can earn enough by her skill. She could not help her family but now she is doing a very good job. She is now very happy and can face the challenges in the society.


She came to know about training going on through NLM and started coming to learn hand embroidery. She is earning 6,000/- rupees monthly. She is now able to help her family financially. They are 7 members in the family her father is sickly and stays at home. Her 2 brothers go to factory for work. They are living in a rented house.


She is 19 years old. She is under metric and was staying at home. They are 6 brothers and sisters. She is learning glass and pot painting and she is working as well. She is earning 7000/- rupees. Her father is an electrician. He is the only one who earns for the whole family. Now that she has started working the family is having a good income.


She is 18 years old. She has one brother and two sisters. Two of them are blind. Her father is a rickshaw driver. She was staying at home and could not help her family in any way. She passed her 5th grade and left the school. She started her course of straw basket making. She is now able to play a strong role in the family as an earning person. Her family is very much satisfied with her.


She is 24 years old she was staying at home and was doing household work. She heard of hand embroidery course in the village and talked to her family but her father is very strict and did not allow her to come but she convinced him through her mother and started the course. Her family is now very happy with her that she is playing her role in family income.