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There are beautician and dress making courses going on in the ministry for women who are not able to help their families financially because they do not know any skill. These courses help young girls and women to make use of their skill.


We are running two more courses for girls and women in order to improve their skills in English Language and Computer. There are 45 beneficiaries who are benefitting from these two courses. The children living in the hostel are open to learn any of the skills according to their interest. In this way they will be able to overcome their disabilities through the power of their skills they will be independent and confident. This way we are giving them a taste of education and skill so that they can be encouraged to go in the society as important members. This will also earn them respect in the society and family.


A seminar was held at St. John’s Parish Hall, Youhanna Abad. The seminar focused on “Women Rights and Political Issues in Pakistan. There were 60 participants including women and girls. It was a great act of consideration for all present. They expressed their views on the topic and came to know the need for having a say about their rights in Pakistani society. Miss Fazilat Rahmat was the facilitator of this seminar.


Keeping in mind the Lenten season New Life Ministry organized a Day of Prayer and fasting on 3rd March 2016. It was arranged in the New Life Ministry for the students and their family members those who could come especially their mothers and sisters who do not go to work. There were 35 participants for this activity. The meeting began with a hymn and opening prayer. Mr. Abid Mukhtar gave the message on fasting and prayer in view of the parable of the prodigal son which was the main theme of the day. During this time the participants were shown movies “The Passion of Christ”. There were also reflections on how can women play a key role in the spiritual upbringing of their families and how they are an important bearer of faith in a family. There were some more hymns played for meditation. Toward the end the participants shared their feelings about this time of prayer. Many of them expressed that it was first time for them to participate in such a prayer session usually they go to the church or pray at home but never in this type of meditative manner. This was a quite spiritually enlightening experience for them. It enkindled in them the spirit of Fasting and prayer.


The international “WONMEN’S DAY” was celebrated with great zeal and zest in the parish church where New Life Ministry played a key role along with some other institutes. It was a joint effort with St. John’s Parish, sisters’ congregations, schools and women’s committee of the local parish. The program was held in the local church on 7th March 2016. There were 570 participants in the program. It started with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist the Arch Bishop Sebastian presided over. After the mass there was the program for women wherein various item for presented to uplift the spirit of womanhood and honor the status of women in the society. Different poetic verses were read in memory of all those women who have played a vital role for women’s rights in Pakistan. Some entertaining skits were also performed to lighten the mood of the program. There were few games played to enhance the joy of being together. Sister Genevieve Ram Lal addressed the congregation and gave very precious insights on right of women and their role in the building up the family and society at large. Many women shared their thoughts and struggles in their daily lives. It was a great event where women from all walks of life came together to spend a day with each other where they learned from each other’s life experiences. They appreciated this effort and hoped that such gatherings be arranged more often where they can come to share their successes and failures. Toward the end of the program Fr. Francis Gulzar the parish priest thanked all the institutes and participants. There were refreshments served at the end.


On 29th May 2016 we arranged a seminar titled: Education: “A weapon to change the world”. Mrs. Vitoria Patrick was the main speaker. She explained the importance of education for young girls and women. This was a thought provoking insight for all present. There were about 50 participants. They expressed that they have benefited from her thoughts and experiences.


There was a rally arranged on 13th June, 2016 for women regarding their rights in the society titled: “Promoting literacy for women in the modern age”. There were about 123 participants who gathered in New Life Ministry in the morning where they were given insights on the topic for the day. They were very open to share their problems with each other. This input session made it very clear to the audience that women have a very essential role to play in field of education they can play a key role in the development of the society if they would be given basic education. They must have confidence in themselves to come forward and stand for their rights. Many young girls shared their experiences how they are not treated equally at home. Their brothers go to school and they are kept at home with the thought that what will they do with education. The second part of the program was to go to the Lahore press club and demonstrate that women have to be given at least basic education. There should not be any discrimination between male and female. All the participants appreciated this initiative and they expressed that they have come to know their true capacity with regard to education. Henceforth they will stand for their rights. They were encouraged by one another by sharing their problems and got to know how to solve them.


New Life Ministry arranged a rally entitled: “Women participation in raising the family standard” for women and girls on 18th July, 2016. It was organized at St. Anthony School Ground. There were approximately 137 participants from different areas such as Youhanna Abad, Basti Sahdan Shah, Lahore Railway Station and Gari Shahu. They gathered there and were given input on the how women can play a vital role in raising their family standard. The whole rally proved to be very effective and brought to notice many facts and realities where women have done a lot for their families and shed light on many possibilities how women can set great examples of success for their families. It was a very beneficial rally for all present. The beneficiaries gave their views on how they have come to know many new possibilities to raise their family standard.


The annual trip for students was arranged in July 2016. We went to Jallo Forest Park in Lahore; toward the evening we headed to Wahga a Boarder between India and Pakistan to see the evening parade. It was a nice experience for all the students.


A seminar was organized under the title “Social awareness and role of women in building the family & leadership qualities” on 16th October, 2016 at Renewal Centre, Lahore. There were 70 participants which included both female and male members of different families. These families came from Youhanna Abad, Bishop John Joseph Village, Dullu Khurd, Dullu Kalan, Asif Town, Khaliq Nagar, Hamza Town and Umar Town. It included both Muslim and Christian families. Mrs. Arfa Shoukat was the facilitator. The participants shared their views on this topic and expressed that they have come to know many new aspects of how women can play a progressive role in building the family.